Our main variety grown is Wintergreen, a cultivar of common couch.

WINTERGREEN is one of the successful Australian selections of common (or green) couch. This cultivar was identified in Sydney as possessing improved low temperature tolerance and colour retention. Unlike many other named turfgrass varieties, WINTERGREEN is not subject to Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) and therefore is not subject to licensing or royalty payments. WINTERGREEN turf tends to be cheaper than similar green couch cultivars for this reason, even though similar performance can be expected.

Wintergreen After

Council Park Wintergreen

Typical characteristics are:

  • Prostrate growth habit by means of both rhizomes and stolons

  • Medium texture; finer under greater density or withcloser mower

  • Rapid growth rate and lateral spread

  • Excellent drought, heat and wear tolerance

  • Moderate salt tolerance

  • Good tolerance to close mowing, and can produce a fine turf under high maintenance

WINTERGREEN is not shade tolerant, and loses vigour where shade exceeds 30%


“slabs are cut in 600mm x 1200mm lengths” of WINTERGREEN turf. They suit residential and commercial projects


1.2 metre wide rolls of WINTERGREEN turf. This product is supplied in rolls of up to 30 sq meters each. Maxi-rolls are ideal for rapid establishment of turf on civil engineering projects such as embankments, channels and footpaths, and also for broad areas of recreational turf such as sports fields and parklands.

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