Tropika Blue Couch
Tropika Blue Couch is a warm season perennial grass native to tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands. Blue Couch is a relatively fast growing stoloniferous grass that does not produce rhizomes. It has fine to medium textured leaves up to 5 – 10 mm wide and 25 – 45 mm long.

An attractive blue – green wide leafed turf. It is similar to Queensland Blue Couch but has a stronger and denser coverage. It is suited to lawns, golf tees and roughs.

Qualities – Tropika Blue Couch has a tolerance to close mowing and a high temperature tolerance. It is suited to coastal areas and has the best frost tolerance of all the blue couch varieties.

Best suited to coastal areas in sand profiles, but can also survive well in full sun on clay soils preferably with good draining topsoils. Has the attributes of Queensland Blue Couch can tolerate limited levels of shade hence giving it superior hardiness. Best results when mown at a low height of20-30mm.


  • Good colour

  • Tolerance to close mowing

  • High temperature tolerance

  • Suited to coastal areas

  • The best frost tolerance of all the blue couch varieties


  • Moderate cold weather tolerance

  • Not suited to shaded areas

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