Sweet Smothergrass
Sweet Smother Grass is a warm season perennial grass that originated in South Africa. It is very course textured grass that is lime green in colour with very soft leaves. It is a low growing, low thatching grass that spreads by stolons. The leaves are approximately 4-5 mm wide and 60 – 90 mm long. The visual texture created by Sweet Smother Grass is quite unique.

Sweet Smother Grass is an excellent shade lawn – it is among the MOST SHADE TOLERANT of all turf varieties sold in South-East Queensland. Sweet Smother Grass needs a minimum of approximately 2 to 3 hours of direct sunlight through the middle of the day or filtered sunlight for alonger period.

Sweet Smother Grass will withstand the average wear encountered with most home lawns. However, it will not handle constant heavy traffic, especially in the winter months when the lawn is growing slowly. It is not suited to waterlogged soils.


  • Good shade tolerance

  • Requires less mowing than most other grasses

  • Produces minimal thatch

  • Recovers and greens up quickly following winter frosts


  • Poor wear tolerance

  • Poor tolerance of cold winter conditions

  • Poor tolerance o poorly drained and waterlogged soils

An excellent low maintenance shade grass for home lawns on well drained soils in subtropical and tropical areas.

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