Shademaster buffalo
Grassco Pty Ltd is very proud of the quality of this particular turf and currently make it available to anyone interested in turfing areas that only receive filtered or indirect sunlight. An excellent variety of Buffalo Turf that lies somewhere between the scope of traditional Buffalo turf and the soft leaf varieties.

Description – Shademaster Buffalo is named after its’ greatest quality, which is the ability to outperform many other varieties of turf in shaded areas of lawn, especially areas beside solid fence-lines, against house walls and beneath tree foliage.

Qualities – When kept reasonably watered and fertilised, Shademaster Buffalo will provide you with a wonderfully soft lawn, with a deep emerald coloured texture. Being in the Buffalo family it has inherited non-allergenic properties and has a steady growth rate, which allows for less frequent mowing.


  • Good shade tolerance

  • Good wear tolerance

  • Good winter colour


  • Sensitive to herbicide

  • Prone to thatching

Also available is our Sweet Smoother, Soft Leaf Variety, which has all the good qualities of Shademaster, but with a softer leaf and slightly better drought tolerance

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