REINFORCED TURF – The Natural Green solution to Erosion Control


  • Cost effective

  • Immediate and permanent erosion control

  • Easy, one-step installation

  • Natural, attractive appearance

  • Proven results

  • 100% Australian Owned

GRASSCO Pty Ltd produces REINFORCED TURF by combining a UV stable HDPE mesh with WINTERGREEN turf grass.

REINFORCED TURF is harvested in maxi-roll form (see page 2) and transported to site, where it is laid on the prepared soil using earthmoving machinery (excavator, skid steer loader etc.). The REINFORCED TURF is pinned or pegged to the soil profile for a short period while the turf grass root system develops. Once developed the root system anchors the turf grass and binds the soil profile.

REINFORCED TURF is ideal for stabilization of:

  • Trunk drainage

  • Spillways and flood mitigation works

  • Bank stabilization

  • Table drains

  • Anywhere concentrated water flows up to 5m/sec

REINFORCED TURF can be supplied and installed for less than the supply price of traditional geotextiles that require back filling with soil then turfing or seeding. REINFORCED TURF has been successfully used to prevent erosion in drainage channels with flows of up to 5 metre/sec.

Our product has been successfully used by:

  • Queensland Main Roads

  • Roads and Traffic Authority (NSW)

  • Australian Golf Club

  • Brisbane City Council

  • pswich City Council

  • Gold Coast City Council

  • Pine Rivers Shire

  • Esk Shire

  • Laidley Shire

And numerous other Councils and instrumentalities.

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