Kikuyu is a warm season perennial grass that originated in East Africa. The grass is commonly found naturalised on fertile soils in the cooler areas of Queensland due to its ability to survive cool conditions. It spreads both by stolons and rhizomes and in some varieties by seed. Kikuyu is a coarse textured grass with a high growth rate that has a tendency to thatch. The leaves are approximately 4 – 5 mm wide and 25 – 40 mm long and are yellow – green in colour. Ideal for lawns, summer sport fields, racecourses, parks and reserves, golf tees and fairways.


  • Good cold tolerance

  • Good wear resistance and rapid recovery


  • Requires frequent mowing during the warmer summer and early autumn months

  • White stamens (male flower parts) across the turf after mowing

  • Seeds to invade surrounding areas

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